Friday, 10 September 2010

My mission was totally accomplished

We had a fab day off today and as the Lessay faire was on this weekend we decided to do our visit today, Friday and beat the crowds....yeah right....We queued for 6 kilometers to get anywhere near the show ground but used the time to chat to one another and actually talked through the next phase of HOSS's health issues. We walked around the Lessay agricultural fare for 5 hours drinking up the atmosphere and I utterly enjoyed witnessing years of agricultural development on show. Huge combine harvesters, tractors and trailers, cutters, croppers and loaders, all shiny and new. There is strong evidence of business being done and you get a real feel of the new age farmer eyeing up the latest gadget and the old traditional farmer looking on in amazement and wonder. I caught a glimps of a couple of old chaps sitting on shooting sticks holding court with a gang of young guns with stories as tall as the on-site cherry pickers at full height flying corporate flags. Mike was extremely patient and let me mull my way through the dog and small animal enclosure where local breeders had their crop on display. Row on row of fabulously cute puppies and the price to die for ...literally, 600 euros for a German Shepherd or 300 euros for a tiny lap dog, big money and it would seem no guarantees. We took a walk around the horse fare and marvelled at the lack of health and safety with hundreds of horses of all sizes, donkeys and alpaca's just tied up on corrals, so approachable and very dangerous. I witnessed a tiny young boy go up to a Shetland pony to pat his back and the blighter kicked back and missed this kid by a fag paper, but the law is that you are responsible for the welfare of your child so be beware, the health and safety issues that have disabled the UK in terms of live and kicking activities are non existent here except of a red circled sign with a picture of a horse kicking a picture of a the point, and only one sign as you walk into the enclosure.
We ate sausages in baguettes with chips, washed down with a glass of beer and I for one had a fantastic day. I bought three pairs of gardening gloves for three Euros and Mike found 1000 meters of plastic wire for the poly re-vamp for 20 euros, so my mission was totally accomplished

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  1. Tres interessante mais les prix sont affolant!
    And one more tale of French F**k ups and we will consider you to be Francophobes-there is a small (crook?) money lender shop near us called Phobic Finance-one wonders!!

    Bit crumbly down this way but our main probs have been rain enduced, record falls and farmers in our country district (mainly dairy but some remaining beef and sheep) quite waterlogged.

    Farm shows not as big as yours since ours are now so damned big and efficient (couple of blokes milking 1,000 or so cows twice a day) with the cows just noshing outside all day that they dont need too much gear.

    Was interested that you measured the jam in kms?? How long, timewise? See in China they now have 100kms + and some vehicles stuck for 5 days!!
    Glad you are back on line-always a good read

    much love