Monday, 27 September 2010

Now why does that not surprise me. -

I am here again in the kitchen, for two reasons, firstly my mac has it's new aerial and I am now able to pick up the wi-fi from the live box in the lounge and the second reason I am in the kitchen at this ungodly hour is that the apples are falling and I am stewing and bottling apple sauce.  I actually don't mind making a bit of apple sauce because we do use it throughout the year and I am always thankful when  I open a jar and get that lovely summer smell mingled with that spicy musky tang of Autumn. I have a good crop of apples this year and we have arranged to put them into the cider barrel with Jeanjacque's, and Jacqueline's apples. Our new mates Ann and Graham have shown great interest in picking and emptying the trees in the bigger orchards so the whole event will be a lot more enjoyable for us and hopefully more efficient.  Last year Mike and I did the entire picking on our own and we were tired and bored by the end of four days. I  called Ann this morning to let her know that she needs to start collecting bottles for their very own booty and that they should both be stretching their calf muscles and get used to being bent double for a couple of days. I am limbering up every day picking my orchard clean. For the past two years Mike and I have  picked Jacqueline's apples single handed and it has always ended up being a four  day event. Two hour lunches shorten the day and after the apperitives, wine and highly suspect eau de vie digestives  the afternoons became very  sluggish and tough. We have agreed to pic-nic in the orchards and get on with the job this year but it is not a concept that Jacqueline has embraced and insists that she supply the grog at least, but as we will be sat on the grass we will be less likely to sit back and knock it back.
The internet telephone is still not connected if anyone is paying attention to this event, I did predict that this was going to be yet another toughie and I was right. It seems that the engineer gave the administration and installation department the wrong info on our new replacement live box and it may need to have a complete set to zero exercise, very scary,  the nice customer services lady was going to call me back in fifteen minutes, ten hours why does that not surprise me.

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