Thursday, 9 September 2010

I was an island in the middle of a huge and vast ocean, alone and out of touch, yep I am a drama queen but that is how it felt.

It has been 16 days since my last blog and I feel like I have been away for a month. We lost access to the Internet on the 27th August and today, Mike moved my Mac into the lounge and connected me to our new live box router with a cable. This is like going back to the middle ages but at least I am on line and able to be communicative and in touch. When the line went dead we spent the whole weekend, switching the box off, turning it on, reconfiguring the PC and uninstalling anything that looked dodgy or cumbersome. We called for help from Sarah's phone in Carentan and I put out an e-mail to all who should know that we are not only off line but have no phone and no mobile signal. Actually, life was quieter, no English radio, no screen watching to see who is where and no trawling the internet for no apparent reason. We were assured by the french speaking indian customer services specialist at Orange that the line was working so we took our box to St Lo and had the box checked and the smartly dressed and efficient engineer in the shop said the box was fine and the line was faulty..are you hearing what I am hearing, the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. The France Telecom engineer was ordered to come and check the line and arrived two days later. Nice chappy, boasted an english grand mother from Newcastle but couldn't speak a word of english and when he said in his best french la ligne est bonne and the box is faulty I nearly blew a fuse and would not let him go without a little more investigation so he got his live box connected and it worked. Mike was a very unhappy customer so we locked up the house and shot over to St lo again with a report from our France Telecom Engineer. Long story short, we had the box checked again and it was faulty and in my best flirty french, because I needed a result, I had to press the question as to why the box was declared OK on Monday and not OK Wednesday, shruggy shoulders, sweet smiles, pack up the new replacement as quickly as possible, more flirty chit chat because he did not want Mikes fury to deal with and I just wanted to get out with my new box. We connected everything up and although we had to wait twenty four hours for the phone to reconnect we felt things were back to normal and then the next day my Mac lost it's connectivity and I was an island in the middle of a huge and vast ocean, alone and out of touch, yep I am a drama queen but that is how it felt.

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