Monday, 17 May 2010

When the flower beds liven up it will be a lovely place to be.

busy busy busy....having one extra person in the house just makes the days shorter only because we are happy to sit around and talk, take aperitifs and make each meal last it's allocated time. Mum was feeling unwell on Sunday and I was concerned that she might be quite unwell and need doctors attention but a day in front of the TV has bounced her back into health and today we were able to get to the beach and do some shopping. Mike is still tired and a little off quilter. Birthdays can do that, he did not hear from any of his kids on the day and it passed by without a fuss except for both Mums really pulling out the stops to make him feel special. Men just don't show their feelings but four days down the line and I can see he is not full pelt. As we were site bound yesterday Mike built me a fantastic runner bean frame and I planted 20 runners and my last sunflower. Our friend Genevievre gave me a bunch of rooted plants and I plonked them where ever, I really don't know what they are so a year in the ground will give me a clue for next year.
We have had no significant rain for a month now and I am obliged to get out every day to keep the water levels up, especially in the allotment. We are off for a four day sail next week and I rather hope we can have some rain before or even during so that all our hard work is not waisted during our absence.....and we do need to get away, Mike threatened to put all of this on the market if he did not get away soon, so I am planning escape routes for him and we will get away for 4 days every month during the summer, but May has been very busy month this year with plenty of visitors and activity around the place.
I love my door in the lounge and we have jazzed up the back yard so that it is a little bit more 'changing rooms' but when the flower beds liven up it will be a lovely place to be.

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