Sunday, 30 May 2010

We will pick them young, tender and cute looking and not wait until they are marrow size and ugly.

We have taken 5 days away from our to do list here at Brevands to adopt another to do list for the boat. We took my Mum to Cherbourg for her journey home and met John off the midday fast cat on Tuesday to escort her back. we drove out to Port Flamands where we have discovered a French version of the Beach Watch Cafe at Bembridge on the IOW. In a beach side shack we eat muscles and chips knocked back with a beer and finished off with an ice cream, it was fantastic. Mike and I were very tired and I was aware that we were not great company but a few days on the boat was designed to give us a change of atmosphere and routine and by heavens it has. In the past taking any time out has been an arduous mission, afraid of leaving our investment home alone, we have however calmed down or confedenced up and with all the systems we have in place leaving for a few days is so much easier. We left HOSS in the kennel and applied ourselves to get Beema ship shape and sea worthy for leisurely sails and holiday accommodation. Together we went through every locker and cupboard and filled the car up with all the trash collected over years of new season starts and shake downs. We have equipped our Cherbourg second home with a microwave and being a thoroughly modern milly I really enjoyed having a little cooking luxury on board at the expense of the marina. When I cook on gas we pay, but if I cook electric it is all part of the mooring contract, so guess where Mike's next meal is coming from.........from deep within the microwave.
We collected HOSS and took him to the boat for a day and night, determined to make him an ol'sea dog. He had a better time at Animolidays kennels this time. The french staff speak English with him and by the way the owner said her goodbyes to him I think he has becme a bit of a star, or could it be that I had just pre booked 5 days in June. That will be our last chance to be doggie less as kennels are full for July and August and I'm convinced you need to know the secret handshake or at least be a thoroughbred French family to get in at peak times, no worries for us though, our Doggie on board trial was a total success and HOSS was jumping on and off the boat and complained less and less about the 4 foot drop into the cabin. Mikes step invention worked well and needs one alteration after having spent time observing HOSS apply himself to the challenge, but he did look at me a little wide eyed this morning as a 4 foot drop is a 4 foot leap upwards, and very annoying, when you are busting for a wee.
The other most astounding event that happened in the 5 days we were away was that it rained and the garden took triffid proportion leaps in the growing stakes. I just wandered around the garden and poly tunnel with my jaw scraping the floor. All my planting is strong and purposeful and I even picked some salad leaves, radish and strawberrys for supper tonight. Oh, and be warned anyone hoping to visit...the courgettes are up and tomorrow I will pick the first baby veg. Now that I understand how fantastically prolific this crop is we will pick them young, tender and cute looking, and not wait until they are marrow size and ugly.

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