Monday, 3 May 2010

I am advising they came with thick jumper, dusters and Mr Sheen.

I would not choose to be a builder if you paid me a fortune, it is a dirty and long winded occupation and what looks like a three day job soon turns into a five, six and seven day marathon. Our window installation is becoming one of those wonderful yet traumatic events as the development and realisation of a great idea is fantastic to watch but dealing with a dirty great hole in your lounge wall for seven days with the draughts and dust whirling around in the wake of the work is enough to make me cry. The builder friend has gone home and left us with instructions on block building a concrete frame and cutting out the mud walls, he is back up this way at the weekend and wants to see that we are at lintel stage so he can instruct us on the next phase, it is a cheap way of getting the work done and we had to take the opportunity of advice from 'a man who can' whilst he was in our neck of the woods. Every morning Mike and I strike the shuttering either side of the opening rebuild it one step higher pour concrete in and then clean up all the tools and equipment for the next day. We need to make another three levels then we are at the lintel stage. It is now Monday and in three days time we have my Mum and Brother coming to visit and there is no way the whole will be filled so I am advising they came with thick jumper, dusters and Mr Sheen.

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