Friday, 21 May 2010

The offer of help from mum and baby kitty cats just made his day

Mike finally got around to mowing the grass yesterday, without any sight of rain the ground is hard and the grass is starting to show signs of stress, which in May is a little alarming but at least we are not having to panic to keep up with the growth. Mike is on a short fuse so I got onto the lawn boy and whizzed around the trees for as long as I could to help out, we had company invited for aperitifs and I really needed to be sat in a relaxed state before they arrived or there is a worry that they would feel they were intruding despite the fact that they are invited...all part of the French prepared. Unfortunately HOSS had left a few parcels on the lawn that I had missed and Mike's utter revulsion to doggie poo just sent him into a rage and HOSS is now banned from the field until he learns to poo in his bags or I am with him to pick it up. I actually agree that HOSS should not have a free range of the garden unattended as he is a bit obsessive and scratches at the lawn and does a jolly good job of scarifying even when it is not required, so new regime, HOSS stays on the drive until we walk the field and that will make me get out to possitivley walk the talk of doggie ownership and organise HOSS's outings. We are watering the crops daily and the poly tunnel is dry and hot, no complaints there as the tomato, melon and courgettes look good and healthy.
Our cats left us three lovely prezzies this week in the form of moles caught fresh and active from the field. To any gardener the mole in all it's innocent and cute aspects is a pest and nuisance. Mike has waged battle on the colonies in our gardens for 4 years now so the offer of help from mum and baby kitty cats just made his day

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