Sunday, 23 May 2010

How very European and jolly hockey sticks.

John and Lorna came by on their way back from a 3 week trip in their camper and it was good to see them. Brother John visited us when we moved in three years ago and stopped for a few hours last year I felt he and Lorna were excited at our progress and what we are achieving. I have mentioned before that having an audience is very appreciated, perhaps we are more the performer than we ever imagined, and having people here to discuss our plans is always fun and satisfying. We managed to eat outside again on Friday but as soon as the sun started to lower I could see that Mum was feeling the chill and we decanted indoors for coffee and tart naturelle, with creme fraiche, which John insisted was only for cooking but is the only thick cream we can buy to dollop onto our deserts. We pay homage to double fresh cream only found in the UK every time we open a jar of creme fraiche.
We had afternoon tea at the Somer's manoir yesterday. There was a wicked chill in the air which is seasonally acceptable for May but both Sarah and I felt a need to wrap Mum up in a windless corner so she could watch us play croquet which we all confessed to being an expert 25 years ago but without a stable knowledge of the rules played a sedate and friendly game until Peter and Mike decided that we were not playing by the rules and after a review of the 'how to play book' it all became tactical, malicious and aggressive, and much more enjoyable. For one glorious afternoon in May, we were in a french garden listening to french church bells eating scones with jam and cream ( creme Fraiche) drinking tea and paying croquet, how very European and jolly hockey sticks.

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