Thursday, 13 May 2010

Happy birthday Mike and Thank you.

It is Mike's birthday, we don't do a big do for B/days any more so it was no surprise that Mike's day just followed on as usual and the usual for today was the return of builder friend Michael to finally install the door 14 days after the epic Euro tunnel style breakthrough our 2 foot deep walls. As usual, and I have now used this word three times in two sentences, Mike and Michael realised there was a small problem of fixings, and we would need to shoot into town to remedy the situation. I left my Mum home alone with HOSS as her guardian angel and breakfast at the cusp of delivery. I appreciate it was before nine in the morning but Carentan seemed particularly quiet. There were no cars on the road and no signs to give us a clue as to why businesses and shops along the main drag were shuttered and closed. Now bear in mind that we had a public holiday on the 8th of May and I know there is another on the 24th I could not compute that there could possibly be another on the 13th, but guess what is Ascension day and all hope of fixing the fixing problem was now well into the stratosphere of impossibility. Resourcefulness is the best equipment in times of lost hope and trouble and a call to Peter and Sarah to establish that they still had a stock of the required fixing from their building project with said Michael and Peter popped over to wow at the gaping hole and support the installation via his fixings, advice and building talk. The door is in, the sofa and rug are back in place, the TV is back in the corner, the light is flooding through the space that was once a dark and dismal place......happy birthday Mike and Thank you.

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