Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Where have I been all my life finding this simple procedure such a hoot.

I have had a frustrating few days and now I have low blood pressure again ..drat... The Internet phone is still not working.  The special engineer had a special rendez vous to call me between twelve and one on Friday, we had new friends in for lunch so I primed Mike up, to chat amongst himself, and keep the party going whilst I took this, oh so important call, but, what a surprise, no rendez vous. On Saturday, customer services rang to say that the special engineer couldn't make that call after all and he would ring Sunday, which he did, and I had to go through all the questions of three weeks trying to get this phone to work, and then some. He finally said that he had demanded, or was that, merely asked, that the server connection with my livebox be set to zero and that it could take another five days. I was unable to throw a wobbly as my french is not that great in those circumstances and besides he spoke far too quickly and through his upturned collar to boot. I was in danger of being hung up on which is a normal occurrence if the customer gets uppity.
My other frustration is that the new livebox does not emmit as  strong a wi fi signal as the old one and my Mac is loosing connectivity at an alarming rate during the day.  I was well set up in the corner of the kitchen with my on line radio, i-tunes, e-mail, blog, facebook, and world wide information getter,  so not having the computer in the kitchen is a real non starter for me.  As I write this blog I am plonked in the middle of the kitchen table, this is not just a laptop it is a huge 1970's type of set up with UPS back up and a screen as big as your TV, but I am going to sweet talk Mike to decant me in another corner where I can get back to my communication and love of my computer without falling off line and into oblivion.
It's been wet, but we have all this decorating to do, the royal we, is have a blast decorating, and we are falling out of favour with each other with every drop of backing paper, I actually walked out today and gave the heneriera a winterizing spring clean so that I can shut their little door at night without getting a boot full of mud. so a bit of a nag session meant I got a job done that has sat at the top of the to do list for well over a week.
It's bin day again tomorrow, second time out with the new wheelie, I am so excited, just chuck it all in and wheel it out where have I been all my life finding this simple procedure such a hoot.

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