Friday, 8 October 2010

I am her equal now because I always get my own way.,

We are waiting for three days dry weather to get the grass cut and the longer we wait the more arduous the task becomes, if we manage to get out this afternoon we will both have to work like billio to catch it before the dew starts to fall again at five o'clock. Yesterday was dry and I pottered around my wet and Autumnal garden wondering where to start, so the best solution is to start close to the house and work out. I have emptied the cart of the potted giant petunia which did not like being in pots but gave us a surprising show of flowers and now as I clear them out, a good supply of seeds for next year. I had to call Mike out to see the wonders of nature. As I pulled off the seed pods they sprang into life and jettisoned little black seeds everywhere, it was like popping bubble wrap, and we both found ourselves popping seed pods just because it was fun. The drive is clearer and my next job is to find a safe and frost free place for the geraniums, we lost most of them last year in the poly during our hard winter so this year they go into one of the outhouses off the back courtyard.
I spoke to Debbie on Skype just now, we are all a bit psychic, us girls, as I was just starting to feel a little isolated from her. She is so busy with her wonderful life in Australia and I hate not being a part of it, Georgina contacts me every week on her day off and I really look forward to see her lovely face and just chatting about nothing in particular bringing the miles to zero.  Being separated by thousands of miles and new life styles is tough, no matter how great life is here,  but like the Internet phone still not being connected totally out of my control.
We have a new form to fill in for the French NHS three years after applying they are still questioning what we are doing here, the UK should take a leaf out of the French system and they might find that they loose many foreign hanger onners. I am going to have to go to the office here in Carentan as I do not understand the questions and the reasoning, I am now petrified of making an error and having to go through all this again so I think it is prudent to get some help.
I had a mad urge to draw three days ago and got the pad and pencils out, what a disaster, I really have to draw stuff that has value, a still life leaves me cold and drawing the house is too huge a project. My aging eyesight means that I have to have my glasses on to see the distance and take them off to look at the paper and then I get nauseous in between, so I am going to drawer an object a day within my focal vision without glasses to get my skills back up to scratch, which sadly, has depleted to nothing, so watch this space, I have my art teacher friend coming for my birthday bash next Saturday and I need to have a modicum of confidence before then.
We have formulated a plan to get the apples picked for this years cider.  I have 6 bags here just with my windfalls but there are tons still in the tree, Our friends Ann and Graham are coming to make a start on the 18th to give us a clear week of commitment,  Jacqueline was  a bit thrown as she thought she has set us up to come this week and next but I have Dana for the week and it is my birthday on the Saturday so when I suggested Monday the 18th she was sorry that she was unable to help as she was off to Paris to see her chiropodist and then I realised she was manoeuvring me into a position to suit her,  she is a very Wiley old  woman and usually gets her own way, but I think I am her equal now because I always get my own way.

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