Wednesday, 13 October 2010

And all our calls in France, buck shee..lovely.

We have both just come in for a coffee before going out to cut grass, I am screen watching as our money transfer has not happened yet. I was expecting our account to be flush by the ninth of this month and here we are the 13th and still no dosh, I am in the red, so we cannot be seen to be spending as the bank take a dim view to expenditure and showing a negative account the same time. So that we don't open our wallets,  we are stop 'athomes' for the time being or at least until our dosh turns up. I will be forced to go to the bank in the morning to cancel a couple of DD's  before they come to take me off to jail.
We have Sarah's dog Dana here for a few days so HOSS has a play mate to hang out  with but she is so energetic that I have to split them up for HOSS to take a breather, He is 75% better but being a bigger and heavier dog the constant running and jumping and tumbling and biting tails for play and nicking of toys and then more tumbling and running hanging onto his just getting on his nerves so a separation gives her  the luxury of not having to perform for him and he gets his chance to lay flat out on the kitchen floor as is his favourite pass time.  Sarah also decanted her entire chicken house and  run so we are in charge of her adorable little bantams as well, what a menagerie we have this week.
The lounge is oh so nearly finished.  We had a damp corner that Mike had to investigate and discovered that the gutter down pipe had sprung a leak spraying water  on the  outside wall and that was enough to give us the ominous wet patch on the inside but two weeks after mike's magic touch the patch had disappeared and yesterday he put up the last sheets of wall paper.  Our second hand furniture turned up and I am very pleased with the overall feel of the room much more light and airy and tidy, for now.
Mike is busy on the Internet and has found a new ferry service  from St Nazaire to Gijon in Spain which takes the motorway out of the trip and means we can get south quickly and comparatively cheaply with  HOSS with us in the van. If he stops swearing at the laptop and manges to get the form filled in on line it looks like we may have a plan for our holiday next year.
I called Orange again yesterday to wonder why my Internet phone is still not working, the customer services chappie read through our dossier, quietly at first then, became quite astonished and loudly proclaimed that we really do seem to have a problem.  Oh what a surprise, and he promised that a guru on these matters would call me at thirteen hundred hours, oh where have I heard that before,  but give them their dues I did get a call from the Guru, who sounded quite ordinary,but blow me down if he didn't talk us through a mind meld and re-installation of our live box and the server all on line and with his broken English and my fluffy french we now have the possibility of calling UK free and a limited a call allowance for Ozz and Canada land lines,  and all our calls in France, buck shee..lovely.

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