Monday, 11 October 2010

The caveman's natural need for heat and chippings was satisfied.

We got up extra early to get into town to go to the Caisse Maladie this morning. We have learned that you need to be there at the crack of dawn or you have to queue and we don't do queuing very well. So, with all the information I have on our French NHS nightmare we presented ourselves, without having to queue to a very pleasant young woman who read the form that I had lost the will to live by, and said that the bits I was concerned about were of no concern to our case.....yep... I felt like an uneducated bimbo, but then, that is nothing unusual, not have a native understanding of the language puts you in that category time and time again. I appreciate why my Dad worked so hard at his second language, once you are involved half measures are seriously not adequate enough. The form was duly filled and the lady was very accommodating, Mike always tells me that these events work well for us because my French is so good but I still feel like a peasant.  Having got on so well with this helpful  lady I crashed and burned by I asking her for a receipt for the form she was about to plonk on a very tall pile of other peoples paperwork and I  sensed that the trust had gone. She huffed ever-so slightly, but, having had our file for entry into the French system sit on a CPAM desk for a year without action, and us falling out of the system, I am constantly on alert.
With the Autumn feel in the garden, the warm air and bright skies got Mike out into the allottment,  I did ask that he helped out more and there he was lifting rotting cabbage and spent sweet corn. We filled the trailer ready for the dechete vert and over a short coffee break Mike decide that he really didn't like the wild rose arching over the entrance to the pottage and before my very eyes it was cut, slashed and in the trailer. I must admit that it really lightens up the entrance and having winged all summer that the lettuce patch is in the shade fifty percent of the time I can now see that this is going to revolutionise  the growing potencial. With this potencial revealed  the plum tree came down, and so did the lilac and then there really was light. We spent the rest of the day stripping the leaves from the branches and Mike cut logs for the winter and what was left will go to chippings and the caveman's natural need for heat and chippings was satisfied. Billy had a special birthday yesterday . 10/10/10 how great is that.

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