Monday, 25 October 2010

It was OK and I eat it all up, but I must work harder on my labelling.

I had a day off on Saturday, dickie tum, don't know where from, and hope it was not from the restaurant in town where we had our choir annual bash, but all is better now, so I will say no more.
It has rained hard these past few days but today we were  back to one of those perfect Autumn afternoons where it is warm enough to take your coat off but not too cold that you can't manage with just a fleece on.
Mike got the watering system installed in the poly whilst I was out for the count on the sofa and at the end of the day I spent a few mouth wide open minutes, in wonder of this bloke's ingenious abilities and we now have an irrigation system  using stock and stuff on site . The timer is the next challenge but I have seen  a refrigeration defrost timer and a plug in timer on the kitchen table so I guess the innovation continues below decks.
Mike has also had his head in his tractor manual, the lifting hydraulics packed up during the summer and he has  dabbled on and off  with no success, it is now getting urgent as the gang mower is stranded up on the field in all weathers when it should be down near the house in the garage. I feel a sense of crisis on the horizon with the days shortening and the temperature slipping into single figures and I have found myself backing off graciously when the language gets too colourful, poor Mike, being my hero and the  resourceful type means that I think everything is mendable but actually sometimes stuff just dies.
I got another letter from the French NHS on Saturday asking for all the documentation I went to the Caisse Maladie with last week. I had to get all the paper work out  and was about to start posting it all off AGAIN when I found some courage at the bottom of a cup of coffee this afternoon and I called head office in St Lo. A very nice lady, and I know you have heard me say that a few times now, rang the man who sent me the letter to say that all is well and we are in system, he confirmed that we are still in and to ignor the last letter.  I mentioned to the very nice lady that had been a bit of a nightmare case and that we had been battling for three years and she just said yes it is all very difficult, "so make it easy" is what I wanted to say but just did the normal french style  thank yous and have a good day and hung up, for the last time I really hope.
I have now run out of jars and have just finished bottling up 8 portions of apple sauce, or puree or compote as we call it here.  I had funny little moment at lunch time as I rushed in from shopping, starving because I am living on 1500 calories a day and from the freezer I pulled a bag of tomato puree and a bag of celery soup for my lunch. Mike hates my home made soup and he gets a packet of Bachelors special something.  I was microwaving my two concoctions and I became aware that my soup was smelling odd, nice but odd and when it was at warm and defrosted temperature I tasted the delights of tomato and apple soup, no, it was OK and I eat it all up but I must work harder on my labelling.

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