Friday, 23 July 2010

.no maths needed there then.

Where has this week gone.....I went to the doctor had a very extensive blood test done, got a bill of good health and here we are, and it is Friday.......Mike and I have been working on the boule park and although the first day of working was fraught with bad temper and tantrum it's the not knowing how it is going to pan out, and the pesky flies who make a bee line for Mike every time which send him totally nuts. In between work spurts on the park I have got veg in and processed them and even got the weeding done in the garden garden. It is little wonder that I feel faint and out of it, there is soooooooo much to do and so little time to get it done. Today however we took the covers off the cement holding the coping stones in place and are proud of the traditional wonky look we have created. This 12 foot by 4 foot boule park looks like it was built in 1910 and not 2010.
We now have the logistic issues of finding the sharp sand to fill the play area and that is a story all on it's own but it has taken all day to get prices from two gravel pits and then prices to hire pick up trucks, trailers and even the cost of getting the stuff delivered but it all comes down to the bottom line price and it is cheaper for us to collect the 3 tons of sand we need in 6 visits to the gravel pit with our own 500 kilogram limit trailer. Time is of no consequence but boredom is, but we will make a day of the 40 kilometer round trip 6 times to achieve the result. You wonder why we don't use our local chappie for the sand, well, we checked his prices too and the sand from him is 63 euro a ton and from the gravel pit it is 18 euro a maths needed there then.

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