Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I am exhausted with thirst waiting, and so is the sweet corn.

We spent Sunday out and about, I was still feeling quite not me, so "no work" went to top of the "to do" list. We did a round robin of five Vide greniers and bought nothing, I probably didn't have my keenest and most enthusiastic head on so we spent our budget on a typical French Sunday lunch of sausage in a baguette, called a sandwich, and a portion of chips. The only difference with our take on this meal is that we manage to eat it on the go whilst the French have to sit en famille and chat washing it all down with something alcoholic.
I paid my twenty two Euros to the Doctor on Monday morning and had the usual immediate tests and investigations and initial thoughts on the dizzy and sick symptoms is a low blood pressure level but a blood test this Wednesday will have every other possible condition checked out. We went for a horse and cart ride around Carentan with Peter and Sarah later that day and Sarah took one look at me and said....anaemia that's what you've got, so we will get the iron count on Thursday and she may just be wrong and I may just be let off the agony of liver and onions for the next three months.
Mike has finished making his trench around the Boule Park and we have set out the coping stones ready for final placement. I thought he had the bit between his teeth this afternoon as the cement mixer came out and he looked like he was setting out his work space, but no, it was far too hot and sticky and he was setting up in case it was cooler tomorrow, so the whole space could be there for the rest of the week if this cyclone stays put. We watch the weather on the UK TV and just keep waiting for the rain but it never comes. French Meteo made mention this morning that poor old UK was having it bad compared to us here in sunny France and over the past three years this has happened quite a lot. Mike looks at the Cherbourg nautical weather which is fairly accurate and he tells me there is no rain due for days yet......I am exhausted with thirst waiting, and so is the sweet corn.

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