Wednesday, 14 July 2010

If this rears up again he can have a number one crew cut and look tough and cool for a bit.

We have just had the wettest grass cutting session yet, and it was great. I was lifting onions with HOSS who was complaining bitterly that it was wet and ugly out here, and Mike was putting the finishing touches on the lawn with the gang mower. The heavens opened to a dramatic display of stair rod rain, I hid in the barn with HOSS as it was starting to sting my bare arms but Mike soldiered on. It was so refreshing to smell wet soil and see glistening foliage, dry is not good and today wet is great.
Mike has woken up this morning with a more determined look on and after a good breakfast of our hens eggs we both set off to get some grass cut. I love the smell of newly mowed lawn so this is a job I love, made all the more easier today after Mike's epic weed killing around all the trees three weeks ago.
The harvest is well into it's busy time now with broad beans and now french dwarf, onions and tomatoes, dare I mention, courgettes and soooooon melon, which are of a good size now and Mike has a little squeeze every time he goes past to see if they are ripe, so role on that time.
This year we promised ourselves time off and time out, so we have organised a trip to the boat show in Southampton. Sailing friends are coming here the week before we go and then another lot planning a few days in Carentan on thier boats the week after can't believe the crossing of dates and activities but if it all goes to plan we will have had record time off and alot of contact with our sailing friends . To make our trip to the UK special and holiday like, Mike has booked us into the Odney Club for two nights. It will be nice to be called sir and madam for a couple of days and talk quietly about nothing in particular. The partnership has so much to offer it's retired partners and we should be using all our points and prizes after the years Mike has put into the partnership.
HOSS's trip to the vet was fraught with danger on Monday with the vet suggesting biopsies and blood tests but I could hear my Debbie saying, don't jump too soon for all the investigative expence, and I convinced the vet, in my very bested French to lay off and let me do another month of care and simple treatment. The vet shaved his back and I am not sure who she was trying to punish the most, me for not wanting to take out a second mortgage or HOSS for having hard up owners but his back looks remarkably better since the crew cut and I am happy with that. Debbie suggested a shave right at the beginning, so if this starts up again he can have a number one crew cut and look tough and cool for a bit.
It is a bank holiday here today..... all's very quiet..........

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