Sunday, 11 July 2010

If the rains don't come soon, I will have to cry on my garden to save it..

We are on our own again today, Chris and Sam left for home yesterday morning and as normal we went through the melancholy few hours, I cried and Mike stayed on the sofa. Mike is under the weather and has been settled there for the third day now, he tried to cut some grass two days ago but came in after fifteen minuets and plonked himself in front of his computer. The dentist experience has given him a headache and his neck is sore again, so I am farmers wife and nurse for the next few days.
Yesterday was my catch up day in the allotment, despite the 30 degree temperature I battled through and mowed down all the weeds and cleaned up around the plots. There was a huge harvest of broad beans and I clocked that the french beans are looking close to their first pick. The groaning blackcurrant bush got some attention and I made 6 kilos of jam this morning and 2 jars of courgette pickle using the cider vinegar the chap who we bought 200 cider bottles from gave to me as a gift.
We are eating broad bean curry tonight in front of the box watching the world cup, we sat through the Germany and Uruguay last night and I think I have enough enthusiasm to see the big event just so we can say we have, it is only every four years and is a world event so we will be there.
The vet rang us up on Friday to see how HOSS was, Nice gesture I thought and we are going in first thing tomorrow. I feel he is well on the way to recovery but last night he started to gnaw at his back again. I say NOOOOOO and he looks at me with those knowing eyes that we both understand it is bad but he just resist a good scratch. We should know tomorrow what we need to do next for him.
I have two washing machine loads on the line this morning and I am watching the outside like a hawk, we are at last over cast and there is a hope of a drizzle down pour.
If the rains don't come soon, I will have to cry on my garden to save it..

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