Saturday, 31 July 2010

He will be asked to apply for a french driving licence......scary....

The garden has been giving up it's produce this week and in true natures way fashion, it is all coming at once. I can empathise with the squirrel foraging and storing, his time of year is just full on. My instincts tell me to collect, process and store, and that means looking for new and interesting ways to see these fruits of our labours later on during the winter months. I have made 10 litres of tomato sauce frozen what feels like a million courgettes and french beans but today I made curry courgette burgers and they just may be, OK. I can half fry them and freeze down to resurrect them on one of those cold winter days when you need to have a curry.....and popadoms.
On Thursday we went to Blosville to help Anna and William move their furniture from their cottage garage into the brand new house they have had built on the field next door. It was a very sociable day, a couple in their very early sixties also joined us and we were able to get all the big beds and wardrobes in the right rooms albeit perhaps in the wrong place. After Mike and Graham had sweated and grunted their way to the back of the garage and all the big stuff was moved we sat in Anna's new garden, which seriously needs my attention, opened a bottle of champagne and toasted the new house that had, that day, become a home. I chatted about my garden and Anne, Grahams wife, admitted that she never stored any of her produce and if they did not eat it then and there, she binned it. I must have had a face like thunder and just went off on one about all the benefits of a few hours work to enjoy the garden produce in the winter. I may have a convert and I hope she will come and ask How To, or avoid me like the plague because she just has no interest a little self sufficiency.
Mike got a letter from the government to say he was clocked driving 114 kilometers in a 110 zone and he was required to pay up and shut up. Mike has a fury about needing to change his licence to french as we are European, so I needed to do a bit of research on the Internet to see what procedure there might be to have the points held in his name on the system. Well it seems there is a system and we believe that the point will be held for a year. If he accumulates too many he will be asked to apply for a french driving licence......scary....

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