Saturday, 17 July 2010

it works...good work Mike, Mr appliance of science, you are amazing.

We did our weekly visit to Cherbourg on Thursday and met up with Peter and Judith on Manana. We had three very heavy batteries to get on board and four to take off so I took the executive decision to borrow one of the marina trolleys and I am glad we did, Mike was able to do all the transporting on his own and I just had to carry my bag and HOSS's lead, life doesn't get much better than that.
I had a funny little turn on Wednesday, you know the one, feeling drunk without touching an ounce of the stuff but there I was, head swimming and not at all well so Thursday and Friday were lay low, and watch out days, including afternoon sleeps and lots and lots of sitting around. We sit and relax more on the boat than we do at home, which makes a mockery of all the hard work we have put into the gardens, we very rarly go and sit up there although we still walk it, look at it and keep working in it, but it is not the sitty about place we imagined it might be...... odd.
Manana came for a meal Thursday night on Beema and we enjoyed talking boats and stuff, the wind was blowing a hooley and there were a couple of times when we all stopped talking and just looked at each other, whilst gusts blusterd thier way past our rigging. At the end of the evening we walked P and J back to Q pontoon despite the wind the air was warm and refreshing and then back to the Beema for a good nights sleep tucked up in our cosy little cabin.
My neighbour Annie popped in today to say that they would be moving out next weekend, I am so sad to see them go. She has emptied her potting shed my way and I paid her in tomatoes and courgettes and a whopping great onion. There is an English couple looking at the house on Tuesday and Annie asked if we could be in to meet them, probably thinks that Brit neigbours could clintch the deal.....not sure about that.
We have made a start on the boule park and Mike's nifty ditch cutter seems to work well, he had an idea during one of his long wakeful nights to attach a cutting wheel to his electric buffer for a clean and acurate cut to make a mini ditch to lay the coping stone works...good work Mike, Mr appliance of science, you are amazing.

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