Sunday, 22 August 2010

Light headed and happy, and if I keep taking the medication I'll be just fine........

It is very muggie and warm, no lovely hot sun to soak up but at least we are damp and the lawn says, thank you.
We spent the night on the boat and enjoyed seeing Cherbourg celebrate the visit of the Solitaire Boat Race where a gang of blokes sail single handed and manically around the bay of Biscay and beyond. The field at the marina was full of tents and there was a real feel of boat show mania until we saw the prices and held back until we go to Southampton in September. After dinner we put HOSS in the car and set off for an evening out together hoping to catch the free concert and whilst waiting for the stage and auditorium field to fill we bought a bag of Chi Chi and ate our quota of fat for a week in five minutes, but they were really good. The concert started and if I just say, Bontempy organ, french lyrics that don't fit and tone deaf singing then perhaps you can conjure up the scene, it was unbelievably bad so we stepped out of the enclosure and set ourselves up in Beema's cockpit to watch the mad and foolhardy setting out for their channel crossings in the dark and sympathise with those only just making it in before the sky went totally black.
We have set up the little spare room as a gym and found yet another bit of kit at the St Pellarin vide grenier. It took a days worth of exercise carrying this equipment back to the car park so setting up the room was as far as we got but tomorrow we start in earnest.
Mike cut my hair on Thursday and I feel so much better, when I have to start pulling it up and out of the way with a clip then I know it needs a cut. Poor Mike, he actually dislikes doing it but I am never disappointed unlike when I go to the hairdresser and I am always disappointed and it cost me thirty Euro for the privilege, so I am light headed and happy and if I keep taking the medication I'll be just fine........Happy birthday to hannah for tomorrow.

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