Saturday, 7 August 2010

hope the rain is called off though...did I really say that.??

I am not good at sitting down at the PC this time of the year and as we have been quite busy working on the Boule park and processing food when that is done with for the day there is little time for blogging.
Wednesday and Thursday were dominated with trips to the gravel pit. We drove the 40 KM there, loaded up with shovels then came home and unloaded onto the park. Mike made a box in the back of the trailer to give us an idea of the weight over volume we were loading as legally, we are only allowed to carry 500 KG in the trailer. The first load was 400KG, the second was 700KG the third was 650KG and finally on the last run we had sussed the process and got the weight right at 500KG so we were not bothered about getting stopped by the jolly Gendarme during that trip , The girl in the office at the Gravel pit said to take care as the Gendarme are capable of waiting at the end of the road but we got away with our persistent misdemeanour
The Boule park is now complete and we are very happy with it, we have rolled it, walked all over it, sat and looked at it and finally had a match on it and may I say we are not so incapable of a good game I let Mike win just to keep him happy ....yeh right
At last the rain has come, sadly on the day that Le Port de Carentan is having it's annual fete and Isgny are holding their nocturn vide grenier so today we will go to the fete then at six o'clock go to the vide grenier then back to Carentan to see the concert at the Port...busy busy busy, hope the rain is called off though...did I really say that.??
Happy Birthday to Phil on the 4th and to Chris on the 6th and Happy 5th anniversay to George and Alan in Canada

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