Friday, 20 August 2010

I love to see her beautiful face and she does not seem so far away.

Here I am again with hissing pressure cooker and heat from the kitchen. I am missing gardeners world to get four litres of tomato pasata in jars and to decant a kilo of chilly into pots to freeze and for tomorrows dinner. We are off for a bimble in the van tomorrow so if we decide to stay out then I have dinner ready to serve.
We have decided to put our new gym in the spare room, we so rarely have both rooms full at once so instead of kicking HOSS out of his room and spending money on transforming a simple no hassle store room into a ROOM we will take the most obvious solution. That will be the job for the weekend if we don't stay out. I am quite enthusiastic about a gym, I feel I need to challenge my muscles and with Mike no longer confident about walking on uneven ground, long heart pounding walks in the country are a thing of the past. My friend Sarah showed me a leaflet she collected at the tourist board advertising a 10 kilometer walk around Brevands. I just can't imagine us doing that sort of distance without the repercussions of sore knees and ankles.
We have had to re home our visiting hen, she is just a pain, waking up the gang whilst still happy to sit in their little house until I come and open up and she also poos outside the heneriera and kicks up gravel and sand on the grass, a real no no for the mowers. If she was giving me an egg of three I would not mind but she feeds all day then buggers off somewhere else and for all I know she could be going next door to a nice little egg laying palace at my expense, so Mike caught her and we have let her go in a field at the top of Bucaille so she can find someone else to live off.
We have had a very unexpected crop these last few days and I have really enjoyed picking and using our very own mushrooms. We have been watching the fairy rings in the lawn and with the little rain on Tuesday, we have had a crop of fresh little button field mushrooms....lovely. Georgie came on Skype with the two little boys she looks after today it is so good that she makes a real effort to call us every Friday I love to see her beautiful face and she does not seem so far away.

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