Saturday, 14 August 2010

It has rained nearly all day, we are sooo happy.

The fish feeder is a total success, Mike inflated our free tractor inner-tube yesterday to make sure it was not going to go down straight away and with that experiment complete he threw it into the pond attached with a bit of should have seen the commotion that caused. The ducks flew off the water, the swan made a very hasty retreat to the willow tree and the mandarins took refuge on the other bank which left the coast clear for the fish to investigate this huge black shadow that was gorged with yummy specially formulated food just for them. We now have a viewing hole into the pond where the fish come up looking for food and it is a joy to watch them ducking and diving, taking a little food then coming back for a bigger piece. OK, so I like the look of gold dish in the water except that these little darlings look like they are on their way to carp-like accreditation.
I have just come in from the field hoping to find a clear sky but not tonight, sadly. Mike was listening to radio four on Wednesday and there was a mention that our bit of the earth is going threw a meteor cloud at the moment and if we go into a dark area and look up into a clear sky we might just see a shooting star of two, so we did, and we saw seven shooting stars and made lots of wishes for us and our loved ones. Looking into a huge sky like that makes you melancholy. I lay on the picnic table looking up discussing how small and insignificant we all are. deep and meaningful stuff. HOSS sat in the dark watching us looking up and thought it was all a bit obsessive, but we had a really good time and went out the next night and told our friends to get out there and make some wishes as well. It has rained nearly all day, we are sooo happy.

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