Tuesday, 22 June 2010

we will have our boule park ready for this summer.

Not only did we have a wonderfully bright and warm day but we also overcame two challenges to boot. The first was to get the camper through it's MOT and using our neighbour certainly paid off as he gave us the time to walk Mike through the list of things that will need attention, but do not fail the test, Jean Paul put the camper back over the inspection pit so that Mike could see for himself what needed doing, so mission well and truly accomplished.
The other major challenge was to get Mike into a dentist. At lunch yesterday he lost a filling and as the dentist issue has been at the top of my list of things to do for over a year, I just never actually had the courage to get it sorted. An emergency made it so I had to face the challenge and went to the local yellow pages for local dentists who could take us on. Second call and bingo, there was an opportunity to join their club on the 8th of July. I took the appointment for Mike but he really did not think he could stand this broken tooth and jagged filling raking the inside of his mouth for over two weeks so I called the dentist again and asked the simple question of emergency appointments. The very kind and efficient receptionist said that there was no emergency service and that Mike would have to wait until the 8th, I hung onto the phone and sounded crestfallen and asked if she could then recommend another dentist who could see him sooner than the 8th and that just turned the discussion my way as she was not allowed to recommend a competitor and I guess was also not allowed to loose clients so with a few pregnant pauses where I was not going accept 'no emergency appointments' and she gave us a slot this morning at 9:30 so once again mission accomplished with the added attraction that as we booked in, the receptionist asked for Mike's Vital card so we will be able to claim a percentage of the cost from the French NHS and our insurers. The dentist was quick efficient a man of very few words which suited Mike down to the ground. He took an x-ray of the tooth and looked at it on his computer screen then put a temporary filling in and never uttered a word throughout the entire operation. Don't know what it's all going to cost but I will keep you in the loop, I know I have lots of work to do and an idea of costs will help me decide when and where to have the work done not to mention the fact that I am phobic about the dentist.
As the wind has abated we marked out the boule park and the area to garden up around wind break corner. The theory is that we weed kill now so that when we get back from our sailing break next week we will be able to get cracking on the work involved so we will have our boule park ready for this summer.

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