Monday, 7 June 2010

Oh well, off to cut the grass before that really does becomes a crisis.

It's the beginning of another week and we still have no significant rain so the weekend was endless watering and tending. I needed to have a quiet day yesterday as the events of the past year have knocked me over and in the words of a friend (when sharing a gin and tonic in Antigua a few years back) , there is always trouble in paradise. A change in life style does not eradicate the pain and anguish of separation and loss and with the year up for our Australian Pearse family, the settling down of our Candian Joiner family and no news from Southampton it all got too much for me, so a distracted morning at a vide grenier was put on the schedule. In fact there were eight to choose from so we were able to do a round robin of three and still managed to avoid the D-Day hot spots.
Mike works a little every day on the window, Michael the builder popped in with a plank of wood he had for sale and as we are always in need of good wood we paid up and shared a cup of tea in our new court yard garden. Michael was adequately impressed with our progress, he is a good and genuine bloke and we are pleased to have made his acquaintance. All the plants in the herb bed ( which is actually an iron bed stead ) are doing fantastically well and the beds I planted during the window build have taken and we now await with anticipation the Lavateria and Poached Egg plants to flower. Mike is keen to instal a light in the court yard so that we can sit and watch the bats, it also makes that area an integral part of the lounge at night.
HOSS is troubling me with the sores on his back and I feel that a trip to the vet is going to be required if I can't crack the cycle of chew, lick, sore. He is waring an upside down lamp shade all day and all night, I feel so sorry for him and he feels sorry for himself.
No sightings of baby OZ and I found Mum eating her way through a rabbit this morning so no love lost there then. I should learn from her and just get on with life but chewing through a rabbit and 7:30 in the morning is most definitely off the agenda.
The Poly tunnel hit a staggering 92 degrees on Saturday, I don't understand how we are not harvesting cooked crops but all seems in control. I cut salad leaves and radish everyday and we will take courgettes for tonight, We have gone over board with melon this year after our success last season, I can eat a melon a day so there is little chance of wastage. The Strawberries are in full swing and a few meringues bought at our favourite baker in St Marie du Mont allowed us to delight in a truly wonderful Eaton's mess.
I here from Mum that Marc and Lucy's wedding went well and perhaps not being able to attend a traditional family wedding added to the 'crisis in paradise'...oh well, off to cut the grass before that really does becomes a crisis.

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