Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I am cooking, cleaning and caring for HOSS.

At last water from the sky, it comes in hesitant drizzle and the odd stair-rod event but all in all it is damp and the humidity is up which is good for the poly as well as us. Mike is working on the door, skirting boards and the like and I have put 900 grams of strawberries to jam, I am a little concerned that the trial pot I don't seal is not setting as well as I would like but that is the characteristic of home made jam, it is never the same twice. We are eating salad leaves every day now, I am delighted, but Mike is a meat and two veg man and is braving the glut syndrome we gardeners have to manage. I have been out in the poly this morning to truss up the tomatoes, we have a few diddy little green fruit which promise a good crop so I am trimming, trussing and training to get the maximum fruit growth.
I bought myself a new tool yesterday, a weed 'digger outer' and as we queued in Point Vert to pay, a jolly old fella asked me, in a friendly manner, to watch out as my new toy was a dangerous weapon, I was quick to reply that les mauvaise herbs will be sorry they grew when I get started and it developed into a lovely banter about weeds and using weed killer and plastic covering. The French just love to cover their soil with a weed preventative cover, the term, il faut bacher, makes me chuckle, but we have taken thier lead and have many areas under plastic. I wanted to get out today to start my little campaign against the dreaded weed but it is wet under foot, thank god, and I am cooking, cleaning and caring for HOSS.

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