Thursday, 24 June 2010

Can't give them away, far toooooo precious to me.

It is nine twenty and I am still in the kitchen, we had our evening walk around the gardens after dinner and as always go to close the poly and find things to do, Mike picks and potters around the tomatoes or slashes swathes through the vine and tonight I picked the last of the pottage strawberries to add to the three punnets I took out of the allotment earlier today. All this means that I am in the kitchen for the evening, I divide the beautiful and the ugly and the ugly go to jam, the beautiful we eat. I am now waiting for the jam to boil and if I stand over it I inevitably loose the will to live and jar up too soon before it is properly set, so after the second year of jam making experience I know to wait, be patient, keep half an eye on the thermometer then find something else to do. I have 4 courgettes to freeze but at this time of night I need to do one thing at a time. Nine, thirty two and I have 3 kilo sized pots of Strawberry jam all wax topped and cooling, it is so easy when you take it easy.
We have had a day getting ready to leave the ranch for a few days and as there is no outlook for rain we are going to put all the hanging baskets in the shade and I have found another anti rabbit chicken wire frame so that we can leave both hedge end doors to the poly tunnel open, and just pray that it does not get toooooooo hot in there.
We had a great walk on the beach today I just love living so close to such a choice of sea sides but we usually end up at Utah as the sand is vast and with all the mussel and oyster beds it seems that the seaside holiday smell is stronger than on the other beaches we visit.
Mike has a puncture on the big box mower well actually the tyre fell off. Mike is now very internet minded and went on the search of cheapo tyres, we decided to give the local man in town a go to check prices and he gave us a quote of 25 euros delivered tomorrow and the Internet best price was 35 Euros plus delivery, so result there then.
I have started a new crochet blanket, which may bore you to tears, but I must confess that I am excited and very motivated at the prospect of making another work of art. I think these round blanket are the best thing ever, the way it grows and matures into this wonderful useful item gives me an amazing sense of satisfaction and purpose. If however, I keep going at this rate Mike is seriously concerned as to what we are going to do with them all....can't give them away far toooooo precious to me. I forgot to mention Sams birhday for yesterday, hope you like your lavender.

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