Saturday, 5 June 2010

a little trip out to see the jeeps at the beach will do the job for us.

I can't believe a week has passed and I have spent next to no time at my PC, I have however been making great progress on my crochet blanket for the boat, watered the garden, sewn a plot of barley, picked strawberries and mowed the grass. I knew I was behind in my chores when I sat here yesterday and realised that I had not done any accounts for May not even set up the spread sheet, and I have not done a journal for May either. I write down every last Euro we spend to keep tabs on how we are doing and every month I realise we are on borrowed time here as we spend more than our income but it is all capital expenditure and everything that is over budget is to improve on our investment so we carry on and enjoy the ride.
We went up to Cherbourg on Wednesday and met up with John and Linda on their way back to Blighty after a three week sail around the channel islands. Moules and frites at Port Flamands sounds like it will become a regular event for us and we were keen to share the experience again. We slept on Beema giving HOSS the opportunity to prove he is still willing crew and all went well, Mike has had a fearsome headache these past few days so we decided to head on home and enjoy the weather in Brevands....there was no wind, so we couldn't have gone out to get the sails up anyway. We called Tellina on channel 16 to wish them safe passage, they left at five in the morning and I can no longer get up that early without a crisis to handle.
Before we left the marina we went into the chandlers to order a new water filter. Mike had been in on his own a couple of day before and showed the guys the item he wanted to purchase out of the catalogue but the straight answer was.. NON. I could not understand why they had not offered to order the item, we are regular customers and Mike did try his best French on them so I had to go and politely ask the boss man to order the filter then asked him why he had not ordered it when Mike was here two days ago. He looked very sheepishly at me and apologised that he had been a little busy, but we have decided after this event we will use the other chandlers who go out of their way to speak English to the point that it becomes a free English lesson, but I'm actually OK with that and at least Mike gets what he wants and not what I think he wants.
My baby cat Oz is still out on walk about and we now feel that she is a gonna, I am wandering around the field hoping that she will come bouncing across the field to see me but I must now believe she is gone, I am very sad and the emotional mix that I am going through has me on a bit of a downer despite the fantastic growth in the garden and the beautiful weather.
Mike is going hammer and tongs on the window and we have a completed installation, even the back step is finished and now we are attacking the room itself. We wanted to keep one wall of the original wall paper because it is expensive and quite lovely, but not on the scale that our previous owners used it, one wall with suffice and the room will then remain loyal to it's original design and we will have shed light on our new and fabulously bright new design.
It is D day tomorrow and we both feel we have done the celebrations before so a little trip out to see the jeeps at the beach will do the job for us.
Marc and Lucy marry today and we wish them well with loads of happiness and joy.

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