Wednesday, 10 November 2010

You will have to wait and See.

I am in danger of sounding like a broken record, each time I come to the blog I am apologising for the time laps. The days are galloping by at an alarming rate and the short days with little time to stop and think about blogs, journals and the like, means that we are getting up the next morning without having achieved all that needed to be achieved the day before.  After our fab Guy Faulks night out I sent a "nice to have met you"  e-mail to the couple we met  running an on-line business selling French Shabby Chic, in their words. We went onto the web site next day and I just had to tell them how envious I was that they had managed to bring a good business over with them and I remember in my tipsy state, on the night, saying  that I wanted to spend time in their aura to be inspired and they must have been paying attention and have invited us over to theirs for aperitifs next week, I am quite looking forward to that.
I called Orange last week because they have taken money from the bank without an invoice, which I am told is on-line in my orange account but when I went to have a look, it was not available. I have learnt that getting agitated and raising ones voice is absolutely pointless so I stayed calm and they promised to stop using the web to send my invoices and I really thought that was that, but then I got three invoices in three days and getting an orange envelope in consecutive postal deliveries does not feel very sorted. I made that call again. I felt agitated and my voice was cranking up a few levels but during the time I had to wait for an assistant I  read all the small print and every side of this forest of paperwork and realised that it was actually OK and managed to make the revelation before I got answered to and prevented the embarrassing discussion that they are always right, and I am not.
It has rained and rained and rained with thunder and lightening, very very frightening, but we are not complaining as we now know what dry is and a bit of wet is just a pleasant change. During a lull in the downpours yesterday we decided to clear up the drive and transported the sleepers to the top gate and then Mike had a fantastic brain wave and suggested that we use the worst of the sleepers as edging to the top drive and before our very eyes and sore backs the job was done and looks much more designer than French  farm yard entrance.
Mike has been in panic mode over his tractor and finally today he took himself off to the garage to reassemble what he has dismantled and try to make sense of this frustration and infuriating hydraulics problem. I was pleased of the time alone to repack my kitchen and what a great work-out for the soul that was. I had yet another harvest from the tomatoes and made soup and then lay the table for lunch but when Mike came in and said  "I'm bored now" I knew he had made no progress with the tractor so we jumped in the car and headed out to Coutance to the most amazing tractor breakers for advice.  I don't much like going there as the owner very much dislikes discussing tractor problems with a woman but today we were met by a young and attentive man who listened to our problem then promptly went to fetch "old woman hater grumpy guts" who also listened to out problem and without hesitation said the seal on the hydraulic pump was blown. He then showed us where it was on a diagram, turned away and left. The younger man went off to find a new seal but would not take a penny for it and just wished us bon courage and away we came smiling from ear to ear.....proof is in tomorrow, however, when mike brings the pump into my new kitchen, will I let him put his oily pump on the table to take apart ??? will have to wait and See.

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