Friday, 12 November 2010

Thanks Anna, right again,

I am using a few spare moments as we wait for Mikes Mum to finish her skype to Australia. Our weekly get together with Mikes Mum and brother Geoff has become an incredible punctuation mark in the week and  helps to put life in blocks of seven. This evening we had a fantastic surprise when Deb skyped us from OZ with all the boys around her, it was her Saturday morning, our Friday night and they were all bright and happy to see us. I miss their attention and acknowledgement, Deb had actually got up early to catch Nanny and Geoff but as we were on line and the weren't we got the first call. Skype is the most amazing communication tool and today I have spoken to both our girls and both our mums, the wonder of technology will be realised when Chris our son gets on line and I will then have a full compliment of family on-line.
The wind and rain has put a full stop on the day and we spent all morning weighing up the benefits of  ferry crossings verses channel tunnel,taking HOSS,  leaving him behind, who to see, who to not see but we finally found the right equation and booked a long weekend in February to coincide with my Mum's 85th birthday. Our friends John and Linda are hitching a lift back with us and are going to spend a few days here to celebrate Johns Birthday so we have a happy end of February to look forward to.
It was time to brave the weather this afternoon and go for bread and HOSS meat, now he is on raw meat only I have to  buy it more frequently and although I keep a couple of packets in the freezer I do need to keep on top of stocks. As we were leaving Mike saw that the washing I had stupidly put out this morning was all over the boule park. The rotary line had broken in half in the wind and the whole area looked like a crash scene as we desperately tried to recover mud splattered clothing which had double wrapped itself around the lines. I took the time to scan the garden and I saw a change in shape at the wood garden and realised the eucalyptus tree had fallen over. It was planted  two years ago and had grown from a four foot weed to a magnificent twenty foot tree which is now only good for fire wood. I did feel sad for a moment then realised that there is always a good reason for all events in the garden. This tree was growing so big that it was hiding the climbing roses we planted  last year, so, the roses won. My friend Anna's comment echoed in my mind when she said don't ever plant eucalyptus trees they always fall over. Thanks Anna, right again.

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