Saturday, 6 November 2010

I think I may well give it a hobby style go !

It is no wonder I got a phone call from my sister Mim this morning hoping that we were both well,  I have not been so active on face book and yet again five days have lapsed on the blog. It is really daft how I let the days drift away into the sunset without a backward glance. This week has been filled with a topsy turvey kitchen, Mike has had tools all over the table and every day has had a kitchen theme. We did go out and weed kill a patch on the other side of the Abri garden to start a new bed which we intend to fill with plants from the existing gardens that have matured and got themselves squashed in the process. The lawns need a good cut but the inconsistent rain, here one day gone the next has not given us enough dry to get a good last cut in but I am sure now that the growth is down to winter speeds that we will find the window we need before the frost and cold arrives. The center island in the kitchen looks good to me and is very useful. I have acres of space to fill but I am reluctant to start moving stuff from the pantry to the kitchen in case Mike needs access so I am taking a slow and deliberate approach so I only have to do this once.
We attended a Guy Faulkes party last night and celebrated this, oh so British fete for the first time in four years. Every year since leaving the UK we have both felt that there was something very tangible missing on the  5th of November and we have been quite sad about it. This year however, we met up with a gang of expats to throw a Guy each onto  a fire and set of fireworks like a bunch of over sized kids. Anna and William put on a great party and we all sat outside to eat drink and be merry to the smell of a smokey fire and that sulphur smell you only get on the 5th of November.  There was a delightful French family there who joined in oblivious to the story  and even when we tried to tell the tale they still did not understand why we were celebrating the failure of blowing up parliament, and frankly I see their point.
Today Mike and I are worn out, all the talking and laughing in two languages really does take it out of you so as it is raining we have decided to sit tight, the bread machine is whirring and the cakes are in the oven which means we can stay in until Monday if needs be, I am told there is a big brica-brac fare in Bricquebec tomorrow so lets hope the rain passes and we can have a good rummage.  We met a couple who are running a very successful on-line, anything old and French, business and they were quite open to having us pick their brains on how to get started, we have no way enough experience to  achieve their standard of  business acumen and income but it is their main income stream and all I want is an injection of a few euros to allow us to develop an interesting and lucrative past time, first I must get my mac to allow me to upload photos and I think I may well give it a hobby style go !

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