Thursday, 11 November 2010

Just as lovely in the winter as in summer.

I thought I would do a bus job on you today,  you wait all week for one blog then three turn up at once,  bit like my Orange invoices. I have found some time,  there is a tempet raging outside and it is also a national holiday of which I approve. The whole nation stops today to remember the dead and to rejoice in freedom  and I for one like that all French people are reminded to remember because no matter what day of the week it is the Eleventh of November is a holiday. The shops shut, there is no post and all transport is on Sunday schedule, those who feel the need can go to their local memorial and have a little community gathering followed by le pot d'amitie paid for by the state..
Mike could not get out to the tractor this morning as the tempet was blowing straight into the garage so he turned to the kitchen which is now complete. The center island is functional and at my disposal of which I am very grateful and happy. All the juggling for work space I have put up with is a thing of the past, but  no matter how much of anything you have you always want more and I will try not to look for that bit extra and be happy with what I have, although Mike did mention that there was a wood burning cooker for sale and how could we put that it in the fire place, frankly I am not going there today or even tomorrow.
I did my Honorable duty this morning and went to the church in Brevands, I picked Genevierve up and we went together both our husbands having made their excuses for not wanting to stand out at the highest point in Brevands exposed to the sea for an occasion they could do in their heads. Thankfully the church was open so we all bundled in for the customary shaking of hands and kissing of cheeks, meeting up with neighbours and  people I have not ever seen before but being with Genevierve meant that every one got named and placed as she knows all and sundry in the village. Jacqueline was there as well and the three of us hung out like the three musketeers catching up with the gossip with people walking in and out of our court. Jacqueline always manages a juicy bit of gossip and I can do little else than laugh and wonder at the courage of these village pensioners who turn up year after year and still have something new to say. Genevierve's uncle, now in his 93rd year was looking as sprightly as ever and always takes me in an embrace and cares about how we are getting on here in his wonderful France. Joseph, second patriarchal figure in the village also showed that he cared and wanted to know all about our plans. At the June 6th celebrations two years ago Joseph looked at me very sternly and asked if we were intending to return to the UK as he had heard that many Brits were, I laughed and said we could no longer afford to live this wonderful  life style in the UK and he just pointed his finger at me and assured me that he was keeping an eye on us and that we were not to leave, and today he mentioned that he was very pleased that we were making such good progress in the garden, it is nice to feel included and accepted in such a little village.
I have just taken HOSS for a quick walk around the field, he knows walks are at a premium when the weather is as foul as it is today but he manages to chase the leaves bark at the rabbits and upset Jacky's dogs next door all in a five minute outing. I for one just get such a kick out of scrapping my wellies through my very own fallen leaves,  our little wood is now in real winter mode and is just as lovely in the winter as in summer.

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