Wednesday, 1 December 2010

We also have two baked potatoes sitting on the top ready for dinner.

It's a white out, and we have been stuck in doors all day but I did get out to the chickens to clean them  before the snow really took hold this morning.
I have a  routine at night, or should I say HOSS has a routine at night, because he will not settle unless the chickens are locked up tight once it is dark, so we  go out together,  I shut the hen house door and he runs like a demented hound on his possibly last chance to wee before bed time. We shut the hens in to deter the fox,  although I am pretty sure  Mr Fox is capable of getting to my chickens behind a flimsy wire door and it was at that point last night in sub zero temperatures that I wondered about the shutter on the sleeping area entrance which I never use,  I could completely shut them up in  and make them cosier and perhaps safer from the the hungry fox.. It was this thought  that motivated me to go out to them in the adverse weather to clear the shutter runner and collect their poo for my compost heap.  In the summer I clean the hen house  once a week. During  the winter, it is every two days as  they spend so many more dark hours crashed out together in their pad, and one observation I have made from owning and caring for chickens is that they do not get out of bed to poo at night.
Mikes Heath Robinson temporary fire hit a problem this afternoon after he had cut up lots of chunks of wood to go into the tiny fire box,  it seems that this little temporary fire prefers coal. It is a good thing that we went out yesterday to buy a bag and I am hoping that we will not have to wait too long to get the wood burning range in. We had a very smokey and slow fire going this afternoon and with all the temporary joins and the connector flu being made out of a dog food tin it all felt quite dodgy. But at least we have a heat source in the kitchen and we also have two baked potatoes sitting on the top ready for dinner.

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