Thursday, 2 December 2010

Simply enjoy the vista.

I did a Skype with my Sister Gig the other day and what a great way to stay in touch, we none of us really appreciate the joy of a face to face chit chat, watching people laugh and hearing the sound of happiness and concern coming from the face is priceless. Whilst chewing the cud over family developments and lots of other stuff Gig suggested I prepare this blog in word,  read off line, to make all the changes and adjustments then just copy and paste,  and that way I will have a digital version to keep for ever, or at least until I die and the children decide it no longer has relevance. So for 2011 I will be keeping a digital version, why, I have no idea, but longevity is all about being digital, and the written word will probably get lost in the library 
I got a call from Teresse from choir this morning who just said “bonne fete Vivian, reste bein chez toi,  a bien tot”…….I sat at the kitchen table wondering if she had lost touch with the world then realised that today is St Vivian day, and if you share the name you are in fete mode, and how lovely is that. Mike and I will celebrate my Sainthoodness  status with a beer at lunch time. I was seriously keeping my calories low today as we are quite sedentary whilst in the winter wonderland but a saintly slug of beer won’t harm the overall concept of having a little less today,  I could just trudge around the field in Mike’s wellies and give HOSS a treat at the same time as burning a few calories but we just have to see how the weather develops.
The field  this morning was the best I have ever seen,  a light but long snow fall yesterday and all night has deposited a 6 inch layer over everything and whilst there is no wind the branches look as though they all have a shadow, it is a  4th dimension and it is stunning.  I took a few pictures but sometimes you just have to stop and look and tell your brain not to take this for granted and remember how beautiful it is at this moment. I called my friend Ann who said she hates this weather and as she looked out of the window a feeling of dread and fear came over her. They were house bound for nearly 2 weeks at the beginning of the year they live on a small road that leads nowhere, at least here in Bucaille we have passing tractors which clear the way and if we had to get out we could we just choose not to but poor Ann is a prisoner until the thaw sets in. I hope she settles and takes a good long look at her surroundings and simply enjoy the vista.

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