Thursday, 16 December 2010

festive cheeriness around the place.

It is mild enough to step out and dash up into the field to relieve HOSS but not mild enough to stay out for any amount of time without a coat on, so it must now be “Mid Winter”, we are racing through this season at breakneck speed but I knew that we were still far from coming out on the other side when I threw back the  shutters this morning at eight fifteen and it was barely light. No rush then, the chickens have no intention of rising until the sun is way up in the sky and HOSS got a midnight walk so he could wait as well.  I did however need to get to my stove to see if we had sustained a night fire and the excitement of seeing a few little burning embers gave me a sense of purpose and I opened up the flu and loaded the box with wood and then decided I had a couple of  minutes while the process of  catching fire took place and HOSS got a dawn walk of which he was eternally grateful because midnight was a long time ago in doggy hours.
Today was shop day, we have John and Linda coming for the day tomorrow so there is a meal to cook and a token gift to decide on.  The shops are looking more festive now, only ten days to go and a little sign at the till reminds us all that, we, most amiable customer, can shop all day on Sunday 19th and for that I for one say, it is the end of  civilised life in France but all those who work say thank you to Monsieur le prefecteure for letting our Leclerc open just this once on a Sunday. I have our last carol concert on that Sunday and that gives me leave to ignore the sign and be organised and shop on Saturday.
Mike was in  his full humbug posture after lunch but  graciously and without too much groaning and tutting put the Christmas lights up outside. I took care of  in doors, no tree to clutter the house, why would you kill a tree for Christmas so we have all  our family relics and  trophies that used to go on our artificial tree hanging from blue peter style hanging things, two wire coat hangers cello taped together, I am sure you can visualise , if not, you need to  book yourself in for next year .. I have dolled up my dried flower arrangement  with a bit of tinsel and  have put a plastic poinsettia in with my lavender vase. I think it looks great but poor Mike is retreating into a mushy mess asking just how long will this last, and have I not finished with the tarting up process YET.  I am happy and so is HOSS and Mike will be too when we have our guests Christmas eve and they all wow and coo at the attention to detail and festive cheeriness around the place.  Happy anniversay to John and Linda

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